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CHÁ QUENTE #172 (Act.)

Infância . Educação . Formação . Juventude
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O futuro começa aqui?

Extended Schools and Childcare Group
Sure Start is a Government programme which aims to achieve better outcomes for children, parents and communities by:
- increasing the availability of childcare for all children
- improving health and emotional development for young children
- supporting parents as parents and in their aspirations towards employment.

We will achieve our aims by:
- helping services development in disadvantaged areas alongside financial help for parents to afford childcare
- rolling out the principles driving the Sure Start approach to all services for children and parents.
Higher standards and better schools for all
Schools White Paper. It sets out a new phase of reform in the education system. The White Paper sets out how Labour will extend choice to parents from low socio-economic groups by breaking down the barriers that discourage applying to better schools. No longer will it be acceptable for young people to be denied the opportunity to achieve their full potential, whatever their abilities and talents; or for artificial barriers to prevent choice and diversity from playing its full part in delivering a good education for every child.
Further Education: Raising Skills, Improving Life Chances
In the 14-19 White Paper, we set out our plans to transform opportunity for young people through changes to curriculum, qualifications and the organisation of education and training, so that every young person would be able to pursue a course of study that prepares them for success in life. Central to this is the introduction of 14 new specialised diplomas, available to every young person aged 14-19, wherever they are in the country. The Bill makes access to Diplomas an entitlement for every young person everywhere. In order to deliver the entitlement to young people aged 14-16, schools will need to work with each other and with colleges and other providers – the Bill also empowers them to enter into formal collaboration with FE Colleges. The Bill will revolutionise the provision of school meals. It establishes the power to create tough new nutritional standards for food and drink served in maintained schools to ensure that all children have access throughout the day to good quality food and drink. The Bill will give local authorities responsibility for making sure young people have a range of exciting and positive things to do in their spare time, as promised. This will increase their access to new opportunities and new experiences, and empower them to shape the services they receive.
Something to do, somewhere to go, someone to talk to
Youth Green Paper, Youth Matters Teenagers are our future leaders, entrepreneurs and parents and their experience of youth is hugely significant in shaping the direction they take in their lives. So it is time for a youth strategy that is shaped by young people - based on listening to and trusting young people to develop the services they want and need to fulfil their true potential. This relationship with young people - built on trust and responsibility - must be a new frontier in British politics.

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